Jag har letat land och rike runt...

...efter lean on me med beth orton!


Om du har den, snälla snälla skicka den till mig!


These are sad times
Your eyes have told me so
Blue and black times
You think that I don't know
But there'll be glad times
Just you wait and see
And I'll be your sunrise if you'll lean on me

I imagine that I could comfort you
I have forgotten the things that you've been through
But here's one thing
On which we can agree
When you're ailing darlin' you can lean on me

And the love I bring
Will grow into a lasting thing
Put your heart on wings
That set you free
And as you rise
Up into the clearing skies
Maybe you will realize
You can lean on me

All your heartaches
Are hidden deep inside
So there's no telling
How many tears you've cried
But like the river
Told the weeping willow tree
I can hold your tear drops
Try, lean on me